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Welcome to The RJ Key, a consulting firm that helps organisations and businesses like yours achieve significant results by improving or creating your Restorative Justice service.
Are you confident you are getting excellent value for money with your current provider or do you want to explore what restorative interventions can bring to your organisation?
Our expert professionals will partner with your business to deliver tailor-made practical solutions, fast. We can show you how to reduce your demand, reduce violence, and improve your outcomes at the same time.
Since 2014, we’ve supported numerous clients including some of the largest police services in the UK and we’re confident we’re the right consulting firm for you.

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Who We Are

Solutions for Success

The RJ Key was founded in 2020 with a single mission: to help other organisations create change within an organisation or to make the most of their Restorative Justice Services.

Our Director, Michele Birch is a highly experienced  manager of one of the largest multi-agency Restorative Justice Hubs in the UK.  Since retiring from policing, Michele has continued to improve restorative services by advising other organisations on creative and ground-breaking restorative approaches that can reduce demand, reduce violence, and improve outcomes.

We approach each of our clients with fresh eyes to develop customised, unique strategies that are tailored personally to your organisation.

Though we’ve grown since our founding, we are still passionately committed to improving the lives of victims and helping organisations get the most out of their service provider. 

Are you happy that you are getting as much as possible from your provider? 

Are you curious about what Restorative Practice can do for your organisation?

We can offer you a free initial consultation and assessment with no obligation. Drop us a message today and see what we can do for you.


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